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We are a dedicated team to support your business grow fast and profitable. We have bought the tools in multiple options to best suit your requirement.

The solutions we provide is of continuous R&D (Research & Development) and C&D (Connect & Development) experience we possess over 1.5 decade of us serving SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises).


The solution is available in Desktop Application or Browser Application; your ERP can be on cloud or in-premise.


A dedicated team who enjoy to work with and support SMEs to help them grow their business & profitable.


Rich knowledge base which is continuously updated to serve our clients with a dedicated account Executive.


Our Mission

AUTOMAT ERP mission is to provide the opportunity to SMEs to harness the power of technology which is affordable and thereby assist SMEs to grow fast and profitable. AUTOMAT ERP shall help the businesses to leverage the use of technology and create abundance to our clients, their team and to the economy at large.

Deep understanding of the requirement and suggesting the right ERP Solution is the first step, followed by a hand holding the SMEs towards the successful ERP Implementation which leads them to grow fast and profitable.

AUTOMAT ERP would like to create 1000+ Technopreneurs, who use Technology to grow their business.

Leadership Team

Dr. RM Sudhakar

Dr. RM Sudhakar

Dr. RM Sudhakar, Ph.D. Founder & CEO

Dr. RM Sudhakar with the mission to ‘Empower Business and Smart Living’ has founded the EBSL Group. Sudhakar’s passion to support SMEs lead him to create brands Technopreneur®, HOMEAUTOMAT & AUTOMAT..

Technopreneur™ is an entrepreneur who uses Technology to grow his / her business fast and profitable. AUTOMAT ERP is the product developed to support SMEs in their business and manage their operations efficiently. The company created by Sudhakar also supports in Digital Marketing of SMEs to get the best out of web presence and to take the business beyond boundaries.

Sudhakar mission is to support 1000+ Technopreneurs towards building a prosperous society.

Sudhakar is a Technologist & an Entrepreneur since 16 Years. Sudhakar is an alumnus of Manipal University & Jain University. His passion to learning has earned him MS (Computer Science), MBA (IT) and Ph.D. in Management & IT. Sudhakar Doctoral Research paper was "Study on Opportunities, Challenges & Cost-effective IT implementation at SMEs".

Sudhakar is also a Director Consultant at BNI, Bengaluru and Active Member at NAREDCO, Karnataka. Sudhakar supports various Startups and Businesses as Technical Advisor / Business Strategy Consultant / Technical Director.

Sudhakar has published several research papers at international publications and conferences. Majority of the research papers are in the field of IT, Business, and SMEs.

RM Sudhakar publications (partial) :

Aug 8, 2016 * AE International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research; ISSN Number: 2348 – 6724; Volume 4, Issue 8

Information Technology (IT) is an important tool to support any business. SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) face various business challenges and IT can play a critical role in supporting SMEs to successfully confront the challenges and grow in their business. Successful implementation of IT is still a taboo for SMEs due to various known and unknown reasons and they are not able to decide upon the proper implementation of these systems. The objectives of the study is to understand the present practices in implementing IT in SMEs and to propose a framework for successful IT implementation practices in SMEs.

Dec 2015 * Acharya Bangalore B-School, Bengaluru - At 6th International Conference on "MANAGING BUSINESS COMPETITIVENESS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY, INNOVATION AND BIG DATA"; ISSN NUMBER: 978-81-909312-3-8

This research paper is to understand the main challenges of the SME, Challenges related to uncertainties within the business environment can be overcome by adopting relevant technological solution. By implementing IT solutions, it is imperative that the organization will move towards the growth. IT is common in this global village scenario that technology has a huge impact on most the sectors and SMEs are no special. There is a need for the sector to undergo this transition in order to survive. In one way the sector acts as a backbone for the major industries across the globe. Being technically driven in order to match the requirements of their high net worth clients, IT has become a mandate to surrender to the available and suitable technological solutions. All this comes with its own challenges – cost, skill, infrastructure and compatibility – to name a few.

Apr 17, 2015 * Journal of Management Research of CMS Business School; ISSN NUMBER: 0976-7150

There are amazing facts about MSMEs on the Government of India’s MSME website. It states that “Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) contribute nearly 8 percent of the country’s GDP, 45 percent of the manufacturing output and 40 percent of the exports. They provide the largest share of employment after agriculture. They are the nurseries for entrepreneurship and innovation. They are widely dispersed across the country and produce a diverse range of products and services to meet the needs of the local markets, the global market and the national and international value chains”. There are lot of schemes and programmes by the government for these MSMEs. Information Technology (IT) can play the role of an enabler in business and can help the business to improve its efficiency and effectiveness to gain core competence. MSMEs are not realizing the importance and significance of technology adoption to change their old ways of doing business. In MSMEs, IT has been considered in a supportive role instead of a business driver. For Micro, Small and medium sized (MSMEs); IT adoption is a huge challenge because it involves a lot of risk, fear of unknown and uncertainty about the new changes. The purpose of this paper is to analyze and understand the factors that stimulate or diffuse adoption of IT in SMEs. It tries to understand the perception of owners-managers with respect to adoption of technology and aims to study various aspects of SMEs with respect to IT inventory, budget, planning, enterprise size and its relationship with the budget that an organization has to adopt IT.


AUTOMAT has the best minds who believe in delivering benefits to the clients with the best use of right technology. ERP Solution Specialists take the full responsibility to make every implementation a success.

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