Business Benefits

AUTOMAT ERP Business Benefits

A simple yet comprehensive business tool for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

An effective ERP system leads to these five benefits to SMEs:

*Source: "According to the report published by Aberdeen Group, the leading provider of fact-based research"

  • Your ERP. Your Way!

    ERP as per your need - Start with minimum modules and scale it up as per your business needs.

    Complete Mobility - Access your software from any smart devices.

    Choice of Server - Available in On-premise or Cloud deployment.

  • No more waiting to have your business under control.

    No prequalification needed to use the ERP - Easy to use .

    Start in less than 24 hours - Rapid Implementation with option to migrate your existing data.

    Available in Browser or Desktop Application.

  • ERP for SMEs

    LESS CAPEX & OPEX - Low cost and simple licensing model.

    Don’t change your profitable business process - An adaptable ERP software for growing business needs.

    ERP as you grow - The most comprehensive ERP software for SMEs.

  • Empowers Business to grow fast and profitable.

    Specialist in your industry - Apt for Business like Trading, Distribution, Production & Manufacturing firms.

    Hire a Technology Partner – Single vendor solution for Server & Hosting, Web & Digital Marketing, Technology Consultancy.

    IT Consulting by expert – Dr. RM Sudhakar shall personally consult your organization (fixed hour as part of the solution) on better implementation of IT (Information Technology).

Business to Grow Fast & Profitable

Grow Fast

Being Competitive

Investing in ERP shall help you to be competitive over the competition. Better system shall lead to better results.


Allow the ERP system to support your growing business needs & demands.


Tools needed for managers to create more accurate forecasts.

Being Proficient

streamlined process, increased productivity.


Access information from anywhere for immediate information and action. As well Lower cost of operations as data gets updated instantly.

Statutory Compliance

Regular reporting and having systems in pace shall help in adhering to the regular and recurring regulatory & statutory compliance.

Better Supply Chain

Having the right ERP system in place means improved procurement, inventory, demand forecasting, etc., essentially improving the entire supply chain and making it more responsive.

Grow Profitable

Better Efficiency

Redundancy of work shall lead to overheads and cost to company. Streamlined & integrated business process shall make your team efficient.

Cost Savings

ERP helps in saving various costs which include Administrative and operations costs, Proactive operations prevents disruptions & delays, help user make quick decisions, Inventory Reduction.


Restriction of data as need basis based on the user role and functionality. Allowing various departments to access information seamlessly.

Reduced Complexity

ERP systems helps to reduce the complexity of a business and introduces a neatly designed system of workflows.

Better Customer Service

Provide high quality customer service. Sales & Customer service people interact with customers better and improve relationships with the history of information on the past transactions.

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